Berlin film Festival to be Organized Online due to the Pandemic

The Covid 19 Pandemic has played a bad guy globally affecting people from all walks of life. This includes regular people, celebrities, production of upcoming web series, Films as well as major sports events. Popular Film Festival The Berlin film festival also is affected due to the ongoing Pandemic.

The Berlin International Film Festival is known by the name Berlinale. The film festival is organized in Berlin, Germany every year. The festival started in 1978 and is held every February. It is one of the most films festivals along with the Venice Film Festival in Italy and the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Mariette Rissenbeek is the executive director of the festival. Carlo Chatrian is the artistic director. 300,000 Tickets are sold and 500,000 audience admissions are received. 400 films are selected and shown in many sections across all cinema genres. 20 Films compete for the festival’s highest awards which are the Golden Bear and the Silver Bear Awards.

Berlin film Festival to be Organized Online due to the Pandemic

The Berlin Film Festival will be celebrating its 71st year this year. The organizers have been enthusiastic and take pride. When it comes to running the film screenings that are normally open to all the German enthusiastic public and Movie Buffs. Unlike Venice and Cannes, which are the main competitors when it comes to the Film festival calendar.

How did the directors’ film during the CovidĀ  19 Lockdown?

The audience will be invited for the screenings for this year’s festival in June. When government authorities post the vaccinations drive if Cinemas will be permitted to reopen. Roxborough said, “Most of the 15 films competing for the Golden Bear were made either under lockdown or between lockdowns by filmmakers. He also said that the filmmakers had shown “incredible ingenuity”.

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There were no U.S. films submitted this year. Since Hollywood studios in the states have decided to not release films until the multiplexes do not reopen.

Berlin film Festival to be Organized Online due to the Pandemic

The organizers of the Film Festival have decided to go for a low-key, private screening. Which will be streamed for a selective audience of journalists. And industry professionals and avoiding packed cinema theaters.

Cinemas are will be remained closed in Germany. And the country has executed tough restrictions over the festive period due to the ongoing pandemic. Many people who were regular every year attendance for the Film Festival had no plans on attending it. Anyway due to the travel complications due to the current scenario and status of the pandemic.

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