Risk of Rain 2 Characters Ranked: Here’s the Tier List 2021

Risk of Rain 2 is one of the best third shooter games to ever come out, It was developed by hippo games and gearbox published the game. It has been released on pc as well as X-box, PS, and Nintendo. It’s loved by players Here we have discussed some Risk of Rain 2 Characters. Its current score at Metacritic is 85 which is one of the highest in the Roguelike genre of games.
You must choose a character before you make the run and start shooting. Every character is different with different kinds of powers for the players to use on enemies. Every character is interesting in the game once you know how to play with those characters and use their powers.

Risk of Rain 2 Characters

Risk of Rain 2 Characters Ranked: Here's the Tier List 2021
So, Here we go. The characters are ranked with their abilities.


It’s not like this is not a good character but it is a character from the lower tiers and players are given this character then they first joined to play the game.


One of the strengths of this character is it can spit acid from his mouth. Its ability to withstand attacks is also huge. But his abilities are not good enough to go beyond the first tier.
Risk of Rain 2 Characters Ranked: Here's the Tier List 2021


Mercenary is one of the special characters in the game. He can withstand any damage but can only be hurt by a melee.


If any character can use its abilities very fast, that Risk of Rain 2 Character is an artificer. An artificer can use its power very early on the battlefield. Its only con is that this character is very slow in dodging the attacks from enemies.
Risk of Rain 2 Characters Ranked: Here's the Tier List 2021


At the start of the game, this character can be a little slow to engage but it has the power to gain health and because of this feature, it can survive in the game longer than other characters.


One of the most underrated Risk of Rain 2 Character who can survive the game because of its kit is MUL-T. He has a big armor which helps him to not choose health in an attack.
Risk of Rain 2 Characters Ranked: Here's the Tier List 2021


If you want to fight with your enemies real close, you should choose Loader as your character. His punches can give your enemies great damage and he is quite fast in dodging the attacks done by your enemies.


At the first glance, It looks like a bad character with not a good health pool, It is not an easy character to control by a player and also it can’t defend herself very much. but it has an ability called Blink, it can vanish from the eyes of enemies in a second. Also, It can attack while sprint which makes her the only character who can do this.
Risk of Rain 2 Characters Ranked: Here's the Tier List 2021


The captain is one of the strongest characters in the game. It can damage a group of enemies quite easily as well as he gives excellent damages to his enemies. If you want to survive in this game. This is the character you go with.
These were List of Risk of Rain 2 Characters hope you Enjoyed
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