Tiger Woods Car Crash: Police Issues WARRANT for Car’s Black Box Data

Life is uncertain and no one can predict what’s coming next. Uncertainty of life knows no boundaries. Class, caste, name, fame nothing can save one from these uncertainties.

Life has its own responsibilities to teach new lessons and make men prepared at all times. Speed breakers are an inseparable part of life and it comes in any form. The golf legend Tiger Woods too had to face similar uncertainties a few days back.

Tiger Woods hospitalized after meeting with a car accident

Tiger Woods the best golfer of the time and one of the famous athletes of all time has the second position in the men’s golf championship and holds many golf records, met with a serious car accident on Tuesday. Woods is currently hospitalized and he’s under treatment. Woods himself was driving the car on the morning of the accident.

Tiger Woods Car Crash: Police Issues WARRANT for Car's Black Box Data

The accident took place on a steep stretch of local road known as an accident spot. No other passenger or vehicle is responsible for the car crash if Woods as the road was empty at that time.

Sheriff the person who first reached the spot after the car crash said Woods was driving at a speed more than normal which is the only reason behind the car crash. Woods was found trapped in his car with his both legs injured badly. Woods was fortunate to survive the accident.

Woods is recovering from his injuries. Woods has faced several injuries in the past years too. Woods fans and well-wishers are continuously praying for his recovery. After this accident, no one knows whether the golf legend will be able to playback and break more records, but we all wish to see him fit and healthy on the field soon.

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Tiger Woods Car Crash: Police Issues WARRANT for Car's Black Box Data

The condition of the car is proof that proves how serious and dangerous an accident it was. Woods was not under the control of any drugs or alcohol but he was driving the car at high speed.

Woods overcame many injuries and the revelations of the multiple affairs which led to his divorce from his first wife Elin. Unlike the previous incident this time too we hope that3 Woods will overcome all the hardships and will come back with the same energy and passion.

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