The Heirs Actress Park Shin Hye Journey and Relationship status

Park Shin Hye, a Korean actress who yesterday turned 31 years old is a singer and actor. She is also a model. Shin Hye gained popularity for her acting in the Korean drama ‘Stairway in Heaven‘ in 2003. She played the role of the younger version of Choi Ji-woo’s character. Before her proper singing, dancing, and modeling training, she appeared in a music video called ‘Flower’. 

Career background of Park Shin Hye 

Park Shin Hye started her career in her early teens and gained popularity for the role she played in the Korean drama called ‘Stairway in Heaven‘ in 2003. She then played many side roles and was seen in many Korean dramas as a side character. She got her breakthrough from the Korean drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ which is a comedy musical drama released in 2009.

In that drama, she was cast opposite Jang Keun-suk. She gained huge popularity from that drama and created a huge fan base with it. After that, she was seen in very big budget and popular Korean dramas. The Heirs Actress Park Shin Hye Journey

Park Shin Hye’s The Heirs 

In 2013, Shin Hye signed a Korean television drama The Heirs. In that Korean drama, she was cast opposite a heartthrob Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo-bin. She played the role of household worker’s daughter who is deaf. Shin Hye becomes the love attention of both the male lead but ends up with Lee Min Ho.

The Heirs Actress Park Shin Hye Journey

Relationship status 

Park Shin Hye is very strict when it comes to an interview. She strictly likes to keep the interviews professional and likes to talk about a business only. Still, The paparazzi managed to click here with her co-star Choi Tae Joon and when asked about the same, she denied it initially but had to accept when asked repeatedly. They confirmed their dating in 2018 but soon after the beginning of their relationship Tae Joon had to leave for his army training. As of now, both the actors are still dating.

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The Heirs Actress Park Shin Hye Journey

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