Taylor Lautner’s Journey from a Child Star to An Outcast in Hollywood

Taylor Lautner, who was born on 11th February 1992 and now a 29-year-old actor who has started his acting at a very young age. From being all kids favorite ‘Shark boy’ to being Twilight’s Jacob Black, he who have seen all the ups and downs in his career but what went wrong? Lautner, who makes every girl drool over his body learn karate from a very young age won several championships. In 2009, he was voted among the 100 sexy men alive and still are not able to see Lautner in many movies, Why?

Taylor Lautner’s Journey as a Child Star

Taylor started his career by appearing in small ads, commercials, and movies. After that, he has done some voiceovers through which he got a chance to voice over for some animated series like ‘What’s New, Scooby-doo’. He got his first breakout role for the movie ‘The adventure of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D’ for which he spent three months at the shooting location.

In 2006, he was nominated for Youngest Artist Awards for Best Performance in a Feature Film. Director Robert Rodriguez recognized his martial art training and let him choreograph all his fight scenes in the movie. In the same year, he appeared in a Tv special ‘He’s bully, Charlie Brown’. Two years later, he appeared in an NBC-Drama ‘My own worst enemy’ which didn’t last long. But he got recognized for his character as a bully.

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What is Taylor Lautner Doing Now? Why The Twilight Star Didn't Return In Shark boy? - Read all about it here!

 What went wrong with his career?

In 2008, Taylor got the biggest break of his life after being cast for the role of Jacob Black in a movie called ‘Twilight saga’ based on a novel. He started getting recognized as a star and start getting fame along with his co-stars. He became a heartthrob and was voted among 100 sexy men alive.

After that, he tried his luck in a rom-com movie called ‘Valentine’s day’ along with his rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift. Lautner then starred in the action movie ‘Abduction’ and then in 2013, a comedy movie called ‘Grown-ups 2’. It took Lautner time to break free from his iconic character of Jacob Black. Since 2016 he hasn’t appeared in any movie. He was lastly seen in a sitcom called ‘Cuckoo’

What is Taylor Lautner Doing Now? Why The Twilight Star Didn't Return In Shark boy? - Read all about it here!

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