MCU Theory: Deadpool 3 Would be the Link Connecting X-Men with MCU using Josh Brolin’s Cable

MCU already declared that Deadpool 3 is going to release very soon. On the other hand X-MEN fizzled out as the Disney bought out Fox. And from here, some roumurs and theories comes out which gonna be perfect or very close to perfect.

In this article, we are going to talk about some theories which may execute by MCU in their upcoming films. So, if you interested to know then, go through the full article. I hope you guys are getting answers to all your questions.

Deadpool 3

Though the release date of Deadpool 3 doesn’t reveal yet. But the fans are really excited to know more about it. Probably, Deadpool 3 is the ultimate wildcard and how it’s going to work in the future. As there is a long time we have before releasing of it, then let’s clear some questions which raise regarding this.

How Deadpool 3 connecting with X-Men

Deadpool 3 is not released yet and X-Men movies not announced at this time. But this doesn’t mean that there will be no connection between these two. We also see making mutants especially in superhero films is not new. In fact, this is a trend that continued for a decade. So, just we have to wait till any official updates.

What is Josh Brolin’s Cable in MCU?

As you know, Josh Brolin’s is a very big name itself. If he returns on it then we have huge expectations from him. In Deadpool 2, we had already seen that how crucial role he had played. In fact, the most important thing is, he wanted to stay in this production, and want to save Deadpool. He wants to make a beautiful world by fix the troubles of the future. But the headache comes when mixing and matching X-Men-style time travel and we have to see how it actually works in Marvel cinematic universe.

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