Horimiya Episode 6: Release Date, What to Expect & Watch Online

Horimiya is the newest addition to the list of rom-com anime series. The popular Japanese manga series has gained a huge fan following in just few days. Horimiya has released in January 2021. Till now only 5 episodes have been released. The upcoming episode is going to release soon. Here’s all the detail.

Release Date

Horimiya episode 6 is all set to release in February 13, 2021. Horimiya episode 5 was released in February 6, 2021. The series will have total 13 episodes to run, which will schedule to conclude in April 2021. Horimiya is based on the Japanese manga ‘Hori-san to Miyamura-kun’. The anime is a shonen-web manga, written and illustrated by Hiroki Adachi.

Horimiya Episode 6: Release Date, What to Expect & Watch Online

The writer used the pseudonym ‘Hero’. The television anime was created by CloverWorks, and directed by Mashashi Ishihama. Masaru Yokoyama is the composer of the series. The opening theme song ‘Color Perfume’ is performed by Yoh Kamiyama and the ending theme ‘Promise’ is performed by Friends. The series is currently airing on Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11 and MBS.

Plot & Spoiler

Horimiya is a teenage rom-com anime. The story focuses on two teenage school students: Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. Hori is bright and popular student whereas Miyamura is shy and introverted. Both of them are not really friends is school, instead of being classmates. Hori is in fact a home-person. She has responsibilities for his brother Souta and her house.

She kept this situation secret from her schoolmates. Later Souta faces an accident and a person wearing multiple earrings and tattoos, having a stylish appearance helped him. Hori realizes that person is nobody but Miyamura in disguise. Souta and Miyamura agree to keep the identity secret and become good friends and couple.

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Horimiya Episode 6: Release Date, What to Expect & Watch Online

In episode 5 titled ‘I can’t say out loud’, Kyoki and Miyamura get close to accepting their love for each other. Kyoki joins school few days later and sees Miyamura chatting with Chika. She gets jealous and argues with Miyamura. Miyamura tells her that he was just helping her.

In-home Kyoki’s father returns and teases the two of them. Kyoki frustratedly says that they are in a relationship. Miyamura denies and that leads them to argue again. In the upcoming episode, fans expect to see the couple finally reconcile, and know Kyoki’s father’s intentions.

Watch Online

Apart from the tv channels, Horimiya is also available from online streaming. Funimation,  Wakanim, AnimeLab are streaming Horimiya in different languages and with subtitles. Bilibili is also streaming the show for Southeast Asia and Taiwan viewers. Netflix Japan also have Horimiya streaming rights to its subscribers.

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