Is Jaden Smith Gay? Is He Dating Tyler The Creator? Everything You Need to Know

Jaden Smith is a name that always stays in the spotlight for his work and word. For this reason, Jaden Smith is already faced lots of rumors and fake news. This always makes his place in the headlines of the media. And now the big news comes that, and that is Jaden Smith Gay.

The controversy or the rumors or whatever it is starts with a statement of Jaden Smith. The American rapper gives a hint to the world that, he is dating someone. And the name is none other than, his best friend Tylor the Creator. Previously, Jaden openly talk about his sexual preference.

Now, let’s discuss is he really dating Tyler the Creator.

Jaden Smith Gay and Dating Tyler the Creator: Relationship Timeline and Rumors

Is Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator really in a relationship?

The whole incident started after a statement where, Jaden Smith Said, he is dating his best friend Tyler the Creator. In 2017, Jaden Smith openly declared his love for Tyler The Creator on the stage of Camp Flag Gnaw.

On the other hand, Tyler handles the handle in a very playful manner when he was asked about this. In a tweet, Jaden said that his boyfriend just won a Grammy award, which is a clear indication of Tyler.

But, Tyler didn’t confirm anything regarding this. Or neither give any kind of hints.

What’s the reaction of his parents?

As we all know, Jaden’s parents are also superstars themselves. So, their opinion regarding this can mean a lot. When an interviewer asked his mother about this, her mother states that she just give him attention as Jaden is dealing with uncommon malnourishment. Some media reports also said that his parents actually didn’t worry about this issue.

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So, what is the conclusion?

From the media, it’s quite sure that Jaden Smith is Gay and may date Tyler. But as of now, they don’t confirm it from both sides. So, it may possible that they are in a relationship. But it may also be possible that they are just joking with their fans. And want to grab the attention of the world.

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