Why was Quicksilver Recast as Evan Peters in WandaVision Episode 5


Jack Schaeffer created miniseries named WandaVision is based on Marvel Comic characters. This American Television web series streamed for Disney +, shares progression with the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The events in the movies begin where the events of the Avenger: End game, 2019 end.

Why was Quicksilver Recast as Evan Peters in WandaVision Episode 5

Evan Peter as Quicksilver

Evan Peters is an American actor, popularly known for his prominent roles in FX anthology series. Moreover, the Clipping Adam was his debut movie in 2014. Wnadavision is his another popularly known series. The first and second episode of Wandavision was released on January 15, 2021, and the other episodes are said to be released by March 2021.

By the end of season 5, it was a great fuss about the fantastic twist. First, let’s know about Quicksilver- a Marvel character. It is a fictional character that appeared in Uncanny X Men. Moreover, other directors have adopted different versions of Quicksilver in their movies. Such as Captain America, Avengers, Dark Phoenix, Deadpool and so on.

Why was Quicksilver Recast as Evan Peters in WandaVision Episode 5

Why is Evan in Wandavision?

If we throw light on MCU movies and web series. The merging of characters and the stories are common. So, the term for this is a multiverse. Hence, we can see the multiverse of Madness of Multiverse. We can see the parallel dimensions and that’s how WandaVision is connected to the sequel of Benedict Cumberbatch. Thus, it can be said MCU can draw similarities between their previous movies. Better not to be surprised. So, it won’t be a shocker if we see other MCU characters in WanderVision.

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Nevertheless, WandaVision has been appreciated for its past sitcoms, dark tonal shifts, and Olsen and Bettany’s performances.

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