One Punch Man Chapter 140: Release Date, Time & Read Online

One-Punch Man is a superhero franchise of Japan. This is created by ‘One’. One is the pseudonym of a Japanese manga artist. It is a story of Saitama superheroes who have the power to defeat the opponent in a single punch. ONE wrote the original webcomic version in early 2009.

One-Punch Man

These series have many chapters the last chapter was One Punch Man Chapter 139. As you all know that if you watch any series then you also want to see more and more parts of that series. So its fan also wants the same they also want another chapter of this series. They all are waiting that when will they watch it.

What about upcoming chapter 140?

According to the sources, Yusuke Murata leaves the show after chapter 139. “Now, all eyes are on One Punch Man Chapter 140 and how it will reveal the heated past God and Saitama have.”

According to BlockToro, there are a lot of “parallels” between Saitama and Blast. The latter doesn’t even remember how he helped Tatsumaki in Chapter 135.

When is One Punch Man Chapter 140 going to be released?

Now there is a question when the creator launches chapter 140 of one punch man. So for this, the creator announces the date. The one punch man will be released on 9th February 2021 means the upcoming Tuesday.

What are the spoilers of One Punch Man?

The spoilers of this show also released. According to BlockToro,” the hype around Blast will soon be revealed as the hero is now casually showing up at every place.”

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Chapter 140 will be very interesting. It also shows the whole power of ‘Blast’. In this, the interaction of Saitama and Blast will be very funny and very lovingly.

 “There are so many parallels between Saitama and Blast as the latter doesn’t even remember Tatsumaki whom he helped a few years ago and just handles any threats with ease.” In the upcoming show, we will see this part of Saitama and Blast.

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