Euphoria Season 2 Production to Begin in March and 2021 Release Date is Very Likely.

2020 is the year we look back and say it changed a lot of things negatively and to some extent positively. Covid -19 left nothing untouched. The film industry too was affected drastically as numerous television shows, web series, Anime etc. had to stop the production in between.

Euphoria too had to stop the filming in between after season 1. Since then it’s almost a year that the viewers are waiting for the new season of Euphoria. The production work is likely to begin this year and the fans can expect the release.

Euphoria Season 2 Production to Begin in March and 2021 Release Date is Very Likely.

According to the sources the season two production work of ‘Euphoria’ is likely to begin in the March 2021 and the viewers can expect the release date as end of 2021 or Early 2022. The official date of resuming the filming is not yet disclosed along with the date of release.

Before the release of season two the production House has decided to release two bridge episodes as to built the gap between season one and two. The first bridge episode was released on 6 December 2020. It was titled as “Troubles don’t Last Always”. The story of this episode is about intoxicated Rue setting with Ali to reflect upon her addiction.

The second bridge episodes trailer is out can viewers can watch it online. The second bridge episode was aired on 22 January 2020 at 9.00pm on HBO Max and HBO on January 24 2020 at 9.00pm. The story of the second bridge episode revolves around Jukes first therapy session. The episode is titled as F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob.

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According to the sources it is said that the story of season two will include a demonstration about the Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter. There Will be new characters that will be added in the story along with characters of season one. The entire cast of season one will be back along with Zendaya who played the led role and was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Sam Levinson will be the head writer and director for season two. New addition to the cast includes Kelvin Harrison who’s known for his horror films like ‘It Comes At Night and Historical Biopic ’12 Years A Slave’. He’s praised for his performance in the 2019 indie drama ‘Waves’. His also featured in the film ‘Assassination Nation’. Nothing about his character is revealed yet.

New characters like a sex worker who hates her boyfriend. A white woman in her 50’s and two young sensitive and working-class males be added to the cast.

The story will put the season one’s characters into more intense situation and the tone will more darker. For further updates on the release dates and the new cast and their roles stay with StanfordArts Reviews.


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