Could Top Gun Maverick Launch Another Franchise Like Mission Impossible for Tom Cruise

From a long time, action lovers are waiting for an extraordinary film from Tom Cruise. But now I think the waiting may over. Because Tom Cruise is coming with his new movie Top Gun Maverick. We gonna talk about this movie later in the article. But before that, I just want clear one thing that why the film going to get exciting one in one line.

The reason is none but Tom Cruise who is just come back with a gun sequel with the experience of Mission Impossible.

Now let’s talk about his upcoming movie in the next paragraph.

About Top Gun Maverick movie

Top Gun Maverick is the upcoming movie of Tom Cruise which release on 1st July, 2021. The director of the movie is Joseph Kosinski.

If we talk about the the plot of the movie then we can see Pete “Maverick” Mitchell who served his National Nevy for a long time. He is now a Navy’s top aviators. Now his duty is to train a set of graduated for a extreme tough mission.

What may the future of Top Gun franchise?

Fans are going really very exited because Top Gun back with a new movie after 34 years. Hundreds of crazy things and activity come with this film. One of them is, the actor really learned how to fly a plane. His experience from the Mission Impossible series also make him a lot for producing this film, which is also agreed by him. He also said, he doing thousands of stants in his life regarding shooting but this movie is very special for him.

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So, with this spoilers and preview, we can expect it very much entertaining and existing. And the most important thing, is there will be a next sequel of the movie or the franchise want to produce more films. So, the answer is not clear at all. Because one of the star cast Tom Cruise may be busy for his upcoming two films mission impossible 7 and 8.

That’s why we have to wait and watch what updates comes regarding this.

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