Corpse Husband Pedophiles Trending on Twitter After Posting Questionable Tweet, Accusation Explained

The popular YouTuber with over 7 million subscribers on YouTube, Corpse Husband has been trending on multiple social media in the past few days. Also known as the only Corpse, the YouTuber streams himself playing Among Us with few other well-known YouTubers like PewDiePie. The musician revealed his harrowing health problems and updated fans with his health status in his recent streams.

Fans were concerned about his health and have been praying for his good health. However, they were shocked when Twitter users made numerous horrible accusations against their beloved YouTuber at the starting of this week. Corpse Husband was then trending on Twitter when users made allegations from paedophilia to grooming. The musician’s January 2021 tweet triggered the anti-Corpse stans to spread hate on the internet.

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of a tweet posted by Corpse Husband that he loves his fans, especially the underaged ones. Also, in the same tweet, Corpse appeared to welcome pictures mentioning that his dms are open. Another user also tweeted a screenshot of Corpse’s tweet, where the tweet writes that he loves grooming children. As a matter of fact, these all are edited false information and trolls targeting the musician.

Corpse Husband is chronically ill.

The YouTube celebrity recently shared his health diagnosis details with the fans in one of his streams. He has reportedly diagnosed with multiple illnesses including thoracic outlet syndrome, GERD, and fibromyalgia. Fans fear that he may stop streaming due to the current illness as he thinks he is physically incapable to continue streaming. His symptoms are pretty bad, which diable him to continue doing for a longer time.

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Corpse’s fans quickly came in support of their beloved YouTuber and addressed the horrible trolls. Fans slammed the trolls that their act is demeaning to those who come forward with real allegations of sexual assault. They are upset that mockery is trending instead of giving attention to the real issues. The anti-Corpse Husband stans became active on the internet after he retweeted the clip of breathing.

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