Apple Removing the Notch in iPhone 13 But Will THICKER BEZZLES

iPhone I think it doesn’t need any description. If you are a mobile or not, whatever it is, but the premium look of it always attracts you. Whenever in past, an iPhone going to launch the expectations of tech lover is more than anything else.

After the release of the iPhone 12, now the mobile industry is waiting for iPhone 13. But when it gonna be launch? In previous, we already talked about in detail on the topic. If you want to know about it, then you may check our old article regarding this.

Now in today’s article, we just talk about the upcoming features of the iPhone 13. And most importantly about the Notch of the phone.

About iPhone 13

It’s pretty sure that, the phone may not come before the month of September. It may like that the camera situated in the inside of the notch. The big question or rumors comes that there may not be a notch but thicker bezels. We’ll have to wait and see what Apple is planning for the iPhone 13 and how it might position the front-facing cameras and sensors with no notch – presumably, they would go inside that thicker bezel. Besides these features, iOS 15 may also come with this phone.

Notch or not Notch

There you can debate on this topic that is there will be a notch or not a notch. There is a big concept come on that situation that, there may a small notch and thicker bezels. Another theory says, there will be no notch, and the front camera inside it with a few sensors.

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But these all are theories and rumors. We have to wait till to September to see what they have actually done with iPhone 13.

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