Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace are Perfect for Ghostbusters Afterlife Because of This Reason

The direct-sequel of 1984 and 1989 Ghostbusters film was scheduled to hit theatres in 2020 but got delayed due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Now, the film has delayed for reported three times and will hit theatres on November 11, 2021. The original cast, which includes Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, and Sigourney Weaver will also make their appearance in the sequel.

However, the upcoming film will take the fans in a new ride and a different place, where the ghostbusting grandkids will play a major role. The previous sequels were based on New York City, but the upcoming sequel will take us to a small town in Summerville, Oklahoma. Ghostbusters Afterlife introduces Carrie Coon’s single mother Callie and her two children Finn Wolfhard’s Trevor and Mckenna Grace’s Phoebe.


The family inherited the farm in Summerville after the death of the children’s grandfather, whom they don’t know. Since they are broke, they moved to the town so that they could find something valuable in the ramshackle old house. The children later discover their link to the original Ghostbusters and the legacy their grandfather left behind. They also find the ghost trap under the house’s floor and the legendary Ectomobile.

Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace looks promising in the film

Paul Rudd’s Mr Grooberson reveals that there hasn’t been a ghost sighting in nearly 30 years and people have already forgotten the 1984’s Manhattan Crossrip. It’s brilliant of Jason Reitman, the writer and director of the film to introduce us to the new generation since it has already been 36 years since the original Ghostbusters films. The casting of such talented young actors certainly makes the film satisfying to watch.

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Finn Wolfhard was brilliant in the supernatural-horror series, Stranger Things. Since the upcoming film has similar elements, Wolfhard would certainly fit right into the character and on the film’s storyline. Meanwhile, Mckenna Grace has also performed amazingly in the supernatural show, The Haunting of Hill House, which gives her enough experience to dive into the character in the upcoming film.

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