Riverdale Season 5 Episode 2: Betty and Jughead Investigation Take Unexpected Turn, Release Date, and Spoilers

The final season of popular teen drama, Riverdale has finally premiered on January 20, 2021. In the last season finale, Betty and Jughead discovered a videotape which leads them to a cabin. They then found another videotape in the cabin that shows the brutal stabbing of Mr Honey to death by the gang wearing masks. The duo is continuing their investigation in the fifth season premiere as well.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 2 is going to release next week on Wednesday on the CW. As things stand, the show will return every Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on the CW network. The next episode is entitled, Chapter Seventy-Eight: The Preppy Murders, which will air on the network on January 27, 2021. Fans can also watch the show on the official website and app of The CW, and also on Netflix.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 2 Preview

Jughead and Betty ask Charles for help in their investigation. Bret also offers his help and lead them to secret underground red band screenings. The Red Band Screenings is led by the Blue Velvet owner David. David realises the homemade snuff film made by Kevin and Betty are fake, so Betty had to give up her father’s snuff film. Elsewhere, Archie had to fight with KO Kelly in a boxing match to enrol in the Naval Academy.

Archie losses the match and losses Veronica as well. He decides to tell Veronica about the kiss he had with Betty at the prom. Veronica then breaks up with him. Hiram meanwhile recruits Archie as the deputy mayor of Riverdale. When he returns home, he finds a videotape that shows the recreation of that time when he encountered Black Hood. Betty also sneaks Jughead into the underground screenings.

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The underground rave is showing several snuff films featuring the gang that stabbed Mr Honey. Later, they find themselves in an empty store. In the next episode, the investigation gets an unexpected turn following a call from Bret. Also, Archie finds himself in a difficult situation when the person responsible for his father’s death asks him for help.

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