Could We See Ruby Rose Return in Batwoman Season 2 Finale

Ruby Rose quits from CW’s Batwoman season 2! Ruby had planned ahead of quitting the role of Kate Kane also known as Batwoman.¬†Unfortunately, for season 2, there will be a recasting for her role and we’re now expected to see a different face.

In a statement she made, the decision of quitting did not come easy. She clearly put a lot of work into this and it also meant a lot for everyone involved.

She thanks her producers for giving her the opportunity to play a part in the DC universe and then took her leave from the show. We understand that there are definitely reasons behind her decision but we totally respect that!

Another statement by Warner Bros. Television also thanks Ruby’s contribution to the show for making season 1 an absolute success. The team will now look for another actress who can play up to mark of the same role. There will be a new lead actress of the LGBTQ community that will take over things from now.

Why did Ruby Rose leave the show?

Ruby does not clearly state her reason. It is still unclear as to why she left early, given the success that came from season 1. It was in August 2018 that Ruby landed the role of Batwoman. She seemed like the most perfect fit for the role also because Ruby belongs to the LGBTQ community for the popularly lesbian role. Plus points for accurate representation!

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Who will be Ruby’s alternative in season 2?

Ruby’s role is now passed down to Javicia Leslie. She will now be wearing the batsuit in place of Ruby. Javicia Leslie will make an appearance as Ryan Wilder replacing Kate Kane. What do you think about the new casting? Also, how do you guys feel about Ruby’s leave from the show? Let us know!

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