Jason Bourne 6 Release Date: Could Jeremy Renner Return, 2021 Updates

Matt Damon’s most popular Jason Bourne series is back! The Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner was initially a flop. But once Matt Damon turned the franchise around in 2016, the Jason Bourne saga became sorta successful. This series really did bring a change to action cinemas. Now that official news is out for Jason Bourne 6, let’s delve into more information on the upcoming film.

Jason Bourne 6: Everything we know

The Jason Bourne film in 2016 wasn’t exactly the biggest hit however, it was more successful than its old counterparts. This film brought Universal about $415 million. This sum was way more than Jeremy Renner’s version of the film.

The initial plans for Jason Bourne 6 were to take back Matt Damon and Greengrass. Unfortunately, Damon isn’t showing a keen interest in returning. According to Matt, since the previous films didn’t do too well, it may not work out. He also adds, “maybe people are done with the character.”

In some ways, this sort of confirms his dismissal from the role. Universal also agrees with the actor and may pick up someone new to reprise the role of Jason Bourne.

Jason Bourne 6 Release Date: Could Jeremy Renner Return, 2021 Updates

As for Jeremy Renner, it is uncertain if he will return also. Since his version of the spy did not go too well, directors and producers can’t confirm his return either. The producer Frank Marshall would love to see Damon’s return but it seems risky to release the franchise anytime soon. Chances for Aaron Cross and Bourne’s return may exist. It is also likely they may return together.

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Will Matt Damon return to Bourne 6?

Now if the studio decides to make Bourne 6 then it is certain that Matt Damon is going to reprise the role of Jason Bourne. However, there is a slight possibility we could see Jeremy Renner in the next film. But the chances of that happening is very slim because of the ending of Bourne Legacy which showed a happy ending of Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz’s Character. That being said the Bourne franchise is known for twist and turn, so anything is possible.

Jason Bourne 6 Release Date

Directors and producers are uncertain about the Jason Bourne 6 release date as the cast isn’t even set yet. There is also confusion on whether this should continue as a series or as one more film. The director, however, also wants another part of the film. As for now, we may see one more film for Jason Bourne but with a different actor.

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