Lucifer Season 6: Merrin Dungey Joins the Cast of Season 5 Part 2

Lucifer, one of the most popular Netflix shows announce their 6th season just now. But here the story sounds something different. Actually officially this is confirmed that Lucifer will end after season 5 on Netflix. But the twist comes when it confirmed their next Lucifer Season 6

From the cancellation of the show to announce their next season, team Lucifer travels a long way. In fact, the project is now in a developing condition. Many new faces introduced in season 6. In new faces, there is a big name called, Merrin Dungey. Obviously, it’s very sure that her addition in this film, can make a huge impact.

Lucifer Season 6: Merrin Dungey Joins the Cast of Season 5 Part 2

Who is Merrin Dungey?

Merrin Dungey is an American actress who is mainly famous for her tv shows and some eminent films. She will be joining the show to play the character of Sonya, an LAPD police officer. According to the sequel of the show, she would form an unlikely bond with Lucifer’s brother.

After the joining of the Lucifer series, she tweeted that, she is very excited about it. The fans of her and the show congratulate her for this achievement.

Lucifer Season 6: Merrin Dungey Joins the Cast of Season 5 Part 2

So, let’s wait and watch how he actually played her role in this show. This also very interesting to know how her addition in the show impacts on Lucifer 6, as well as in her career.

When Lucifer 6 may release?

So to be honest, we can’t tell anything about this. Actually, the official till didn’t say anything about it, and neither give any hint. So the fans you have to patient and take an eye on official what they say.

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Lucifer Season 6: Merrin Dungey Joins the Cast of Season 5 Part 2

Lucifer Season 6 Plot

It’s one of the shows most loved shows on Netflix. Giving a historical angel, Lucifer is placed in such a modern storyline where he abandons hell for Los Angeles is so intriguing. He also runs a nightclub named “LUX” and after getting involved in a murder investigation he even becomes an LAPD consultant.

Season 5 was diving more into the characters, exploring them and developing them. Also, the twin brother of Lucifer makes it more interesting. Lastly, Season 5 is basically a homage to the constant chaos as in the DC comics on which the series is based. The season can be binged in one sitting and obviously can be watched more times, after all, we can’t get enough of it.

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