Boruto Episode 182: Preview, Release Date & Watch Online

Boruto is releasing its new episode titled “Ao” by Sunday this year. In this article, we will discuss what we can expect for the new episode and a recap of episode 181. Continue reading if you’re interested to know more!

So, according to loyal manga readers, episode 182 will cover chapter 17 of the manga. The previous episode started the “kara” arc which manga readers have been keenly observing.

Boruto Episode 182: Preview, Release Date & Watch Online

Release Date of Boruto Episode 182

Boruto Episode 182 will debut on Sunday, 17th January 2021. As with most anime releases, it usually takes about a week’s gap. So this anime is also following the same release dates!

Episode 181: A recap

Jigen believes that if the airship has fallen due to a person, it must be a punishable offense. Victor now worries as he was the culprit responsible for the airship’s failure.

Boruto Episode 182: Preview, Release Date & Watch Online

Now, Victor has to make efforts to hide this deed and instead blames it on Amado as a possible culprit. Further, Victor convinces the group that all the vessels will be retrieved and suggests a new ninja tool to do the job.

Koji then comes in and ruins all the plans. He uses the trance of true flames and calls Victor out. Jigen and Koji have already known everything from the beginning and there was no way that Victor could have fooled them.

Preview of Episode 182

In the preview of this episode, this will possibly cover the events of Team 7 on their mission.

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Boruto Episode 182: Preview, Release Date & Watch Online

The events will cover the team heading towards their destination until they encounter someone. They come across one of Katasuke‚Äôs acquaintances, a former shinobi “Ao”.

Where to watch?

All of the episodes of Boruto can be streamed on Netflix, Hulu, and of course, Crunchyroll.

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