The Stand Episode 4: Preview and Release Date, ‘The House of the Dead’

The Stand

An American Dark fantasy web series is based on the novel by Stephen King. The CBS all access released the first episode on December 17, 2020. All three-episode of The Stand has made the audience more excited for Episode 4: “The House of the Dead”. More drama is expected to come with Episode 4.

CBS released Episode 4 on Thursday, January 7, 2021. Furthermore, there is a date predicted for all the other episodes as well, Episode 5- January 14, 2021, Episode 6- January 21, 2021, Episode 7- January 28, 2021, Episode 8- February 4, 2021, and Episode 9- February 11, 2021.

The Stand Episode 4: Preview and Release Date, 'The House of the Dead'

This is the trailer of The Stand and the whole episode premiered on The CBS.

What to expect in Season 4?

As Warner Bros Pictures and CBS announced the full-length film adapted by Stephen King novel The Space. Stephen king’s son Owen King is the writer and the producer of this web series. The episodes were cut short to nine when the writing process finished.

Although, the book was adapted in 1994 miniseries but there are some differences which can be seen in Episode 4 of The Space. The opening scene where the Frannie Goldsmith and Harold Lauder witness a truck blocking them. The truck has no driver and seems dead. However, the driver isn’t dead but alive and have tied two women as a hostage in his truck. The book by Stephen King has mentioned four men instead of one and with eight women.

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“We knew that Harold and Frannie needed to have some incident on the road in which he felt humiliated like he couldn’t do right by her. He couldn’t protect her in the way that he wanted to. I think that’s fairly fundamental to Harold, and his transformation, and why he ends up being willing to do what he does.” says Benjamin Cavell.

Moreover, all the episodes of the Stand will premier every Thursday. Make sure to tune into the CBS to watch all the madness of The Stand.


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