Check Cillian Murphy as 007 Replacing Daniel Craig in Fan Poster

As the release date for the latest Bond Movie No Time to Die arrives, it has got fans excited to see the spy back in action after the 2015 movie Spectre. Earlier, there were speculations that Spectre would be Craig’s final movie playing Bond. This led to rumours about who would be taking over as the spy extraordinaire.

Rumors and Reports

While a lot of names came one after another, from Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, to Michael Fassbender and Richard Madden, there was also a unique suggestion that went viral. Rumors about the next bond to be played by a female with the alias Jane Bond, with Gillian Anderson as the suggested actor to play, spread like fire.

Check Cillian Murphy as 007 Replacing Daniel Craig in Fan Poster

It was until last year when it was officially reported that Craig was returning for the last time to play as James Bond. Craig had said a couple of times before the official announcement about his last Bond film.

He did admit later that he had sustained injuries while shooting for previous Bond films and this was preventing him from rejoining the cast. No Time to Die is set to release on April 2 this year.

Check Cillian Murphy as 007 Replacing Daniel Craig in Fan Poster

Cillian Murphy as Bond?

Among the list of actors rumored to take over the role of Bond, is actor Cillian Murphy. An Irish actor, Murphy has worked in a lot of famous Hollywood movies. His most notable role has been playing Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Movies.

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He also played Robert Fischer in Inception(2010), Agent Donald in Transcendence(2014), and Lenny Miller in Anna(2019). Murphy currently plays Thomas Shelby in the gangster drama series Peaky Blinders.

Check this fan-made poster that shows Murphy as James Bond.

Check Cillian Murphy as 007 Replacing Daniel Craig in Fan Poster

Does He Fit in the Role?

Now that we come to this question, we look at the core characteristic looks that every Bond actor seems to have. Every actor who has played Bond until now has had a certain charm that kind of makes him a chick magnet.

Bond has never been played by a young actor but by a slightly older actor which shows his experience and expertise as well. While he needs to be physically strong but not bulky, his face should exude unshakable confidence.

It would basically make you think that the actor could even play a mafia or a high profile businessman effortlessly. Looking at Murphy’s previous work as Scarecrow and Thomas Shelby, he certainly has the ‘sinister charm’ to play Bond. Now all we can hope is for this to be officially announced. Until then, let’s wait for Craig’s final movie to be released.

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