Who is Tanya Roberts? Bond girl, Career and Cause of Death Explain

Tanya Roberts as Bond girl

Victoria Leigh Blum was known as ‘Tanya Roberts’. She was born in 15 october 1995. She was an American actress as well as model. She started her career in Television ads. She was a very hard working actress. When she gets a role she gave her full efforts to it. Her debut from the horror film ‘Force Entry’.

She married to Barry Roberts in 1974. They had no children. She also wrote the book for The Q Guide. She was best known from James Bond movie ‘A view to a Kill’ and a TV series ‘That 70’s show’ as she was playing a role of bond girl. Her acting was breaking all her records in this movie.

Who is Tanya Roberts ?Bond girl ,career and cause of death explain

Cause of her death

According to the media from past few days she was not well, before her death she got a harmful pain on their intestine and at that time it was very difficult for her to take a breath. She was admitted to the hospital of Los Angeles.

Doctor placed her into ventilator. Her manager also want to see her but there was certain rules of hospital due to COVID 19. That’s why he did not spent time with her. She was very ill because she got infection in her urinary tract and that was entered in her other organs as well as blood.

This urinary tract was the main reason which affects their blood and made it worse. On January 4 2021 she was dead.

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