This is Us Season 5 Episode 6: Is Randall’s Mom Alive, Episode 5 Ending Explained

This is us is one of the best series that ever came out. It deals with emotions, depth of family conflicts, relationships, gender norms, and great character arcs. This is us have already evolved through 4 seasons and we are engaged in the 5th season with already 5 episodes.

This us is one of the series which ratings of both critical and audience. The series is well received because it’s relatable. People can see themselves as these fictional characters. The writers of the show took their sweet time when writing this masterpiece.

This is Us Season 5 Episode 6: Is Randall's Mom Alive, Episode 5 Ending Explained


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This episode focuses more on Randall more than others. and his birth story. We all know that Randal and his birth story is a major conflict in this show. the whole character arc of our main character is shifted by this subplot.

The episode has been named ‘birth mother’ and it’s based on the conflict of Randall and his birth mother which is still a mystery for many people. Because he has lied about his mother and she died was back in 2015. But we’ll surely get to know her more in this season.

This is Us Season 5 Episode 6: Is Randall's Mom Alive, Episode 5 Ending Explained


We will also get to know more about the secrets held by kate and confronting her past.

Kevin is confused about many things in his life because he is going into parenthood for the rest of his life and this show also focuses on his quest to find a nanny for his Child. This show’s subplots are as engaging as the main plot of this show. If you want to know more about this, watch the whole season.

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