From Heath Ledger To Jack Nicholson : All On Screen Jokers Ranked- Read all about it here!

Batman had been a huge hit in the DC world. However, Joker was introduced into the concept of Batman stories from the year 1940 onwards. Since then, the Joker had been a symbol of many things including love, resistance and pure evil for its fans.

The shoes of the character of Joker has been filled by many actors and characters. Each one of them have their own story and fan following. The character of Joker has been so iconic that they have used it to mold different stories for different backgrounds.

Here are all the actors who have played the role of Joker, ranked.

7. Jared Leto from Suicide Squad

The character of Joker by Jared Leto in the movie Suicide Squad was pretty disappointing due to the fact that his role was very small. The story line of Joker in this movie did not do justice to the character to the original character of Joker. Although the performance of Jared Leto was amazing, but the duration was not enough for the standard of the character of Joker.

6. Cesar Romero from Batman

This Joker from the 1960s was pretty into the colorful aesthetics of his time. However, if we rank him in today’s media, he does not hold a lot of position because his movie and rold was an adaptation of the original Batman Comic series. The whole movie was filled with Music and circus kind laughing and pranks.

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This actor helps in the creation of the dark side of the Lego movie. This movie is more humorous than terrifying. The voice of Zach also takes the same tone while performing for this on screen Joker.

4. Jack Nicholson from Batman

Nicholson plays a rather terrifying role in this movie. He has an expensive look to himself and portrays his theatrics pretty well. The producers definitely wanted to make sure that the movie would be worth the investment. Jack Nicholson has made sure that the end result hit the box office with a bang.

3. Cameron Monaghan from Gotham

The character of Monaghan is shadowed by the Pre Dark Knight era of the Batman in this movie. He plays a wonderful role of two people in the movie – Jerome and Jeremiah.

2. Mark Hamill from Batman: The Animated Series

Hamill does an amazing voice over of the character with his laughing and mimicry. The whole movie, even though animated, portrayed the character of the Joker so well that the role pays of. Mark has made sure that even though he’s off screen, his voice does justice to the character.

1. Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight

Ledger plays the perfect role of the Joker of our time, the modern time. Nolan has definitely done justice to the role of Joker through Ledger. ledger himself has played the apt role of the Joker who is a psychopath in a society with an empty void.

So which Joker was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

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