Black Clover Episode 158 Release Date, Story and Where to Watch on

Black Clover is a Japanese magna series created by Yuki Tobata. It was originally released it the year 2015 on 16th February. The TV Anime series was premiered on 3rd October, 2017 and has completed 137 episodes. The lastest episode is out now so keep reading to know the details.

Black Clover Episode 158 release date

Hurry up guy’s! The new episode has already come. Episode 158 is released today that is 5th January 2021.


Need some spoilers? The latest episode is an important one with lot of surprises. We will witness Asta’s new version after training with Gaja. Moreover, the Spade Kingdom will come up with it’s new target.

Black Clover Episode 158 Release Date, Story and Where to Watch on

Episode 158 is the first episode of this New year. It has a new twist which is Spade Kingdom fighting against Clover Kingdom. The place Candela has a group of powerful people. So, the soldiers of the Spade Kingdom will be seen stealing magic from those powerful ones.

Along with this, Asta is seen getting transformed into a strong demon. This is the result of Asta’s hardwork during his training. Thus his devil mode is revealed battling against the Spade Kingdom.

Black Clover Episode 158 Release Date, Story and Where to Watch on

Moving on, the Spade Kingdom wins over the Diamond Kingdom and heads on to conquer the Clover and the Heart Kingdom respectively. On the other hand, Luck Voltia of the Black bulls and Leopold Vermillion of the Crimson Lion are ready to go and meet the Princess of the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechka. So, the episode seems to be a complete package.

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Where can you watch it?

Black Clover Episode 158 is aired today. You can watch the episodes in the Japanese version with English subtitles. It is premiered on Crunchyroll. But if you do not have the premium then wait till 12th January to watch it for free. Go and have a watch.

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