Katie Holmes’ Reaction on Jokes About Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise’s Height Comparison

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were earlier one of Hollywood’s most iconic duos. The pair’s bond was a bit of tornado, from a swift engagement to an unexpected divorce.

In 2005, only after some few months after they started dating, the couple got engaged. Cruise had told that he had proposed her with a teardrop-moulded ring near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He had declared their engagement the following day at a press conference concerning “War of the Worlds.”

A spokesperson for Cruise had stated that Holmes was pregnant with the pair’s first child together moreover the duo was extremely excited.

In April 2006, Cruise’s spokesperson declared that Holmes had delivered a baby girl called Suri. In 2006, Holmes and Cruise sealed the venture with a very extravagant wedding in the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy. Holmes donned a Giorgio Armani gown. The two had a “double ring” Scientology wedding, as per a report.

In June 2012, Holmes’ team made an announcement of how she was divorcing Cruise, who said that he had not expected it at all.

Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes' Reaction on Jokes About Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise's Height Comparison

Suri Cruise was born in Santa Monica, California on 18 April 2006 when the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes saga had heightened, when the two of them were still dating. Shortly after Suri was born, Cruise and Holmes had got married.

Nevertheless, when Suri was only six years old, her parents’ fairy-tale relationship began to fall apart and eventually in 2012 they got divorced. Holmes had talked concern that Cruise might attempt to seize the little Suri. That didn’t occur but Holmes got the complete custody of Suri and raised her on all by her own.

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Tom Cruise made fun of his height: compared to Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes' Reaction on Jokes About Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise's Height Comparison

Suri Cruise, 14, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, has nearly touched her mother’s height. Holmes and Suri were recently found walking around together in New York City, with Suri being nearly as tall as the former¬†Dawson’s Creek¬†actor. The two were seen using face coverings as they shopped on Friday.

In the photos, published Suri was seen donning a denim jacket and jeans, adjacent to her Ugg boots. Holmes, who holds 5’9″, carried heeled boots, a long spun wool coat, also a plaid skirt.

Followers could not help but see that Suri is approximately as tall as her 5’9″. Reportedly, Suri is taken care of by Katie Holmes and Tom has not seen Suri in a long time. In 2012, it was also reported that Tom had “abandoned” his daughter. While Suri was snapped with her mom, trolls on social media took a cut at Tom’s parenting and his height.


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