The Last of Us Part II: Abby Story, Best moments of 2020

It’s been almost six months since Naughty Dog has launched the highly anticipated “The Last of Us Part II” and it has been met with overwhelming support by all video game lovers.

This Naughty Dog’s epic story has some of the most memorable scenes you’ll ever come across in a video game.

The Last of Us Part II: Abby Story, Best moments of 2020

The Plot

The Last of Us, part 1 was launched in 2013 on the PlayStation 3 and sold more than 17 million copies. The Last of Us Part II debuted on June 19, and it made a sale of more than 4 million copies in the first three days, on the PlayStation 4.

Part I was more about love, which primarily focused on the bonding between Joel and Ellie, while in contrast the second part is theoretically about revenge and hatred.

The Last of Us Part II: Abby Story, Best moments of 2020

Some of the best moments are:

Infiltrating and escaping the Scars’ island

This part shows the strengthening of the bonding between Abby and Lev, while Ellie snuck into the battlefield where there’s an ongoing war between the Seraphites (the ‘Scars’) and the Washington Liberation Front (the WLF, or ‘Wolves’).

Traveling to the aquarium

With a thunderous storm overhead, Elle finds a speedboat to embark on her journey. She constantly fights her enemies and eventually finds a path towards the aquarium.

When Ellie learns the truth

It is a very complicated scene where Ellie learns the truth from Joel about how she left the hospital within the Firefly base. It highlights how twisted Ellie’s feelings are for Joel.

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Ellie takes on Seattle

Accompanied by Dina, Ellie uses her new-found map to explore Seattle in full.

Exploring Ground Zero

Abby searches for medical supplies to cure Yara’s shattered arm, and the search of it takes her to Ground Zero, the home base of the WLF. Eventually, she ends up fighting one of her fiercest enemies: the Rat King.

The birthday gift

Joel offered Ellie a trip to the Wyoming Museum of Natural History on her birthday. We see Ellie wandering around the dinosaurs’ exhibit with a lot of excitement. The Last of Us Part II showcases some really beautiful moments of how close Ellie and Joel are.

The Last of Us Part II: Abby Story, Best moments of 2020

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