First Meteor Shower Of 2021 : Date, Time And The Best Location For Viewing!

If you are a stargazer and have always been interested in catching a shooting star, here’s your chance of catching up with not one but a whole shower of it. According to the renowned institute of NASA, this 2021, we will get to see something called ‘Quadrantid Shower’.

When broken asteroids or comet particles enter the atmosphere of the Earth at a high speed, they tend to look like shooting star.

First Meteor Shower Of 2021 : Date, Time And The Best Location For Viewing!

These broken asteroids and comet particles are known as Quadrantids. Originating from the asteroid 2003 EH1, this phenomenon first occurred in 1825. Due to the fact that these meteors also originate from a constellation called Bootes, they are also known as Bootids.

These bright fireball meteors persist for a longer time with a more vibrant explosion of light and color. This factor differentiates these bight fireball Quadrantids from an average meteor streak. It is even possible to see about 200 of these meteors per hour when these Quadrantids are at their peak.

When and what time should you look out for this meteor shower?

In order to get the best of these shooting stars or meteor showers, make sure to be aware and alert about the events of the sky from January 2nd to 3rd. The best time to see this shower is at night or pre-dawn hours when it is dark and the light from this shower illuminating the sky can be seen clearly.

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What is the best location to view this meteor shower?

The best location to view these meteors is in the Northern Hemisphere or the Northern latitudes. If you’re from a region which lies in the Southern Latitudes, make sure to look in the North-East direction.

First Meteor Shower Of 2021 : Date, Time And The Best Location For Viewing!

In order to get the most out of it, make sure that you are away from the hustle-bustle of the city and the bright city lights. It is best to view this shower in a dark environment, with a sleeping bag, all prepared for the winter month.

Your eyes will take less than 30 minutes to adjust to the sky after which, it will become comfortable for you to take in the glamourous light illuminating from these shooting stars. Lie on your back, look up in the sky and that’s how you’ll capture the mesmerizing Quadrantid shower.

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