James Franco and Isabel Pakzad Relationship Timeline: Complete Dating History & More

James Franco and Isabel Pakzad have apparently been spotted together from November 2017! Their relationship seems to be going in strong especially after photos of the two have been released. To find out more about their relationship, read on!

Relationship Timeline

The two were seen recently going on a hike along with another friend but Franco can’t seem to keep his hands off of Isabel! In the photo, Dave and Isabel stand close together at the hike. The love birds began their love story from 2017 November.

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Dave opens up about his relationship to Variety admitting that he’s really trying hard to be a better person for her.

Dave Franco has his name tarnished today, especially after the 2018’s Golden Globes. He took home the disaster artist award when some women came forward and accused him of inappropriate conducts. Despite that, Isabel stayed with Dave.

He claims the allegations to be “salacious”. It’s truly amazing how Isabel stayed strong with Dave even after these accusations.┬áThis is usually the mark where celebrities in relationships have a fallout but no these two!

James Franco and Isabel Pakzad Relationship Timeline: Complete Dating History & More

They seem to be going well and strong even today! A recent picture we’ve seen of the two is as early as July 23rd. They walked the red carpet for the first time as a couple on the opening of “Straight White Men”.

Though Dave never really updated us on his relationship, they’ve been spotted together in multiple photos and seem to be great together! Dave also mentions her name on Howard Stern in December.

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Isabel is a young graduate at the University of Southern California. On her Instagram, you can find several pictures of her traveling around the world too! Maybe Franco will someday update us about their story.

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