See Idris Elba version of James Bond post Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die.

When ever we talk about agents the first name we refer to is James Bond. James Bond is the most popular fictional secret intelligence officer. Ian Fleming created the iconic character in 1953. Bond novels and stories became so popular that gave fantastic scripts for movies. Bond is recognised by a code 007.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

See Idris Elba version of James Bond post Daniel Craig's No Time to Die.

Daniel Craig, the only man who seems to fit the character of James Bond is popularly for his role all around. This 52years old English actor, gained popularity with his first Bond movie, from Casino Royale (2006) to No Time To Die (2021). Daniel was the nominee for the Best Actor in leading role at BAFTA Awards.

Is No Time To Die is Daniel’s last movie as James Bond?

The upcoming Bond franchise movie, No Time To Die will have it’s last James Bond played by Daniel Craig. Yes, Daniel is quitting hi iconic role as James Bond. Nobody knows that who will be the next Bond in all the upcoming sequels. Craig was the part of 5 Bond movies and was a perfect fit for it.

See Idris Elba version of James Bond post Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die.

Craig want to leave this character due to his personal reasons. He said in an interview, “Someone else needs to have a go for thi role now”. Though there was a little hope for his return to thi Bond universe but Craig’s one statement gave it an end. “For God’s sake, no! I want to come home, eat something and then go to bed”, said Craig.

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Will Idris Elba be the next version of James Bond?

Rumours of Idris Elba as the new James Bond is all around. Idris has been into thi news from several years. Though he never showed interest but deep inside he has always wanted to do the role. His name has always been in the list to take the tag of 007.

See Idris Elba version of James Bond post Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die.

But his racial problem pulls him down. Idris feels pathetic sometimes when he thinks that people might not like him as Bond as he is Black. Idris told to a magazine, ” James Bond is a dynamic and iconic character”.

He was the asked that if he gets an offer what will be his answer? He said, “Ofcourse, if I get an offer, I would be like, Yeah! Thats facinating to me”. Although he feels unhappy because of the racial references but he said that he wants to be the Black James Bond.

Do you guys want to see Idris Elba as our now Bond?

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