Ozark Season 4 is the Last Season, Julia Garner Confirms in Interview

On a live conversation on Instagram, Julia Garner talks to Ozark and confirms the shows’ final season. Ozark season 4 is confirmed to be the last and final season of the Netflix show. This season will have a total of 14 episodes shown in two parts. The release of this season will take a long while, hoping to be out by 2022.

The show will air its final and highly anticipated season, set to release on 2022. Until then, let’s take a look at what Julia Garner has to say about her character Ruth and about the show in general.

Julia Garner On Season 4

Garner excitingly speaks of season 4 but she does not want to give away much of the plot. She wants Ruth’s role to be consistent and not “repetitive”. She then tells us the progression of her role as Ruth, “Ruth has a really good intuition, a gut feeling, always, like she was always right, and Marty and the Byrdes kind of took over that and she stopped listening to that..”

Ruth is looking for independence in season 4, which she was devoid of when Byrdes came in. Ruth is a strong character who is really better off without Byrdes. As all the actors return to the show for one final casting, we can expect a deadly blow for this season. Fans are excited to see the husband and wife duo along with the drama that comes with the other characters.

All of the cast and crew are back on set and currently working for the final project. On Instagram, Garner sneaks a look at her essentials of shooting for the final moments of the show. She captions the post, “When your essentials are also your statement pieces..”

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