One Piece Chapter 1000: Luffy Fights Against Kaido and Big Mom in Milestone Chapter, Read Manga Online and Spoilers

The best-selling manga series of all time, One Piece, will officially cross the thousand chapter mark after the release of the next chapter. However, the fans have to wait a week longer for the 1000th chapter as it will not be released on 28 December 2020. This also means the latest episode, The Sake I Brewed to Drink With You, will serve as the final chapter of the manga in 2020.

The next chapter, or also the 1000th chapter will release on January 4, 2021. Fans have to wait at least a week to read the new chapter, but if they cannot wait — the spoilers have already leaked online. One Piece’ 1000th chapter is titled Straw Hat Luffy, which will feature Nami, Jinbe, and Brook in the cover. This is the huge milestone for Eiichiro Oda or any mangaka for that matter.

The 1000th chapter will feature the battle between the Straw Hats Pirate and Kaido and Big Mom.

In the previous episode, the manga readers learnt about the first meeting of Yamato and Ace in Onigashima. Yamato was the one who destroyed the dragon statue, but Ace took the blame to warn Kaido. Yamato revealed to Ace that she always wanted to leave the Wano and after destroying the statue, they talked about going on an adventure while drinking sake. Yamato was recalling the flashback to Momonosuke and Shinobu.

Yamato also reveals to Momonosuke that Luffy and Ace were brothers. Momonosuke also learns that Ace is the son of Gold Roger, who had owned the legendary treasure, One Piece. Meanwhile, Big Mom arrives at the top of Skull Dome and asks Kaido to slaughter all Straw Hat Pirates, but sparing Robin’s life. She needs Robin in order to read the Poneglyphs. Big Mom also believes that Kaido is in her debt because she was the one who gave him the devil fruit, Uo Uo no Mi.




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