Wonder woman 1984: Lynda Carter’s cameo explained possible wonder woman 3 storyline

Wonder woman 1984 has released in selected theatres and on HBO max on 25 December. It is an American film that is based on the character of Wonder woman from DC Comics. It is the second part of wonder woman 2017. The new film is directed by Patty Jenkins.

Lynda Carter’s cameo

The cameo by Lynda Carter is not a surprise for many fans as Carter has been long rumored to have a role in the movie. After showing audiences about Diana who was shown learning to love the world again in a snowy Washington DC, the Wonder woman 1984 scene follows a woman with big brunette hair and a dramatic blue woolen cape in a sunny street.

Wonder woman 1984: Lynda Carter's cameo explained, possible wonder woman 3 storyline

After this scene the woman casually saves some children from a collapsing pole, then she turns to face the camera and beyond anyone’s expectations she as Lynda Carter. She is a very familiar face for the fans who has played the role of Diana on TV from 1975 to 1979.

The credits has explained that this is Asteria the Amazonian with the shiny golden armor about whom Diana has mentioned earlier in the film.

Wonder woman 1984: Lynda Carter's cameo explained possible wonder woman 3 storyline

Wonder woman 3

So now we know that Asteria exists by Lynda Carter. This is giving the fans a little hint that we are getting wonder woman 3 with Gadot and Carter. Since Chris pine’s Steve Trevor returned in this movie as a result of the Dream stone it is not very much sure if he will be back in next movie.

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But it is possible if Diana has some sort of dream about him. Another story point could be Diana and her search for Asteria, the lost warrior who has saved Amazonians from being enslaved to humans centuries ago. But there is no official news on wonder woman 3 yet. Director said that she has some ideas but she hasn’t planned anything.

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