‘Money Heist Season 5 Production Is Close To Wrap’ Read all about it here!

Like all the other seasons on Money Heist, you might have thought that season 4 might end in the same neat and tidy manner. All business cleaned up and ready to be evacuated. However, Season 4 was full of chaos and that too the kind of chaos that gets your adrenalin rushing and get you to have goosebumps on your skin.

Season 4 left us on a cliffhanger. (Read also : Money Heist Season 5 – about plot ) If you’ve read our articles on how the season 4 went down and what was the cliffhanger that left us all awestruck, you would be aware of the phrase ‘For Nairobi’. It is only natural for all of us to be excited to see what’s next.

What is the status of the production for season 5?

Our readers would be happy to know that the production for season 5 has finally come to a wrap. While we know that season 4 was left with all the member of this heist in the bank, disaster struck in front of them, the Professor has now gathered all his rage.

Losing one of the Heist members took a toll on every one of the members and they do not plan on stopping just yet.

The season 5 is about to take a state of war. It’s between them and the police. Between them and Alicia Sierra. Alicia, while being betrayed by her own officers, is not on her own feet ready to take the goons down. Ready to take the professor down.

So when can we expect to see the end result?

Season 5 is assumed to finally release in 2021. The show had stopped its production due to the pandemic. However, if the release of the new season is going to follow the same pattern as season 1-4, then we can expect season 5 to be releasing sometime around October 2021. Hopefully, the wait will be over shortly.

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