Rebecca Luker net worth 2020: Lifestyle and Family

Rebecca Luker was an American actress, singer, and record artist. She was born on April 17, 1961, in Helena and is popularly known as a Broadway star. Rebecca was one of the richest singers and she been nominated thrice for Tony- Awards. Unfortunately, she is no more among us. Rebecca died on 23rd December 2020 at the age of 59. Her manager Sarah Fargo confirmed the news of her death.

Rebecca Luker: Net worth

Rebecca Luker was the queen of every newcomer’s heart. She had achieved a lot in her career. From her debut in The Phantom of the Opera in 1988 to The Music Man and many more will be recognized ever. Her net worth is estimated to be 1.9 million dollars. She had worked with Broadway productions and has appeared in The Sounds of Music, Mary Poppins, and has given many such blockbusters. She has even performed in concerts all over the world. Her fame and wealth was the result of her work till 59.

Rebecca Luker: Lifestyle

Rebecca Luker net worth 2020: Lifestyle and Family

When we look into Rebecca’s lifestyle, it is not clearly visible. She was a student of the University of Montevallo and had a degree in BA in music. Sadly, she was diagnosed with ALS and she confirmed this news herself on Twitter on 9th February 2020.


Rebecca Luker net worth 2020: Lifestyle and Family

Rebecca’s family and her personal life were quite private. Little is known about her first husband who was actor Gregory Jbara but the reason for their separation is not known. After separation, she married the famous Broadway actor Danny Brustein in June 2000. She had two stepsons, Zachary and Alexander.

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Both the stars came out to be a perfect couple and stood beside each other. Rebecca mentioned in her tweet when she revealed about her disease that her husband is an angel in her life. Danny had previously mentioned how Rebecca was there with him when he was dealing with COVID-19.

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