Solo Leveling Chapter 133: Will Sung Jin-Woo Help Japan From Further Destruction? Manhwa Release Date, Read Online, and Spoilers

The latest chapter of the popular South Korean manhwa, Solo Leveling has released on Thursday, 24 December. Now, the manhwa readers are already waiting for the next chapter of the action-fantasy series.

The next chapter of the series, Chapter 133, will release on the last day of 2020, i.e. 31 December. Solo Leveling’s new chapter releases on the comic platform, KakaoPage every Thursday. The comic platform belongs to the South Korean internet company, Kakao, which has been releasing new chapters of the manhwa since 2016.

In the latest chapters, even the Elite Hunters of the Hunters Guild were severely battered after exiting the C-Rank Gate. The manhwa series takes place in the world where mysterious creatures appeared out of the blue and began attacking innocent humans. Sometime later, humans also received the special powers to hunt the monsters and were called the hunters. However, the series tells the adventures of the weakest hunter, Sung Jin-woo.

Sung Jin-woo, however, becomes a player after getting trapped in a rare double dungeon. He is on an adventure to become the most powerful hunter in the manhwa’s world. In the previous episode, Sung Jin-woo surprised the Hunters Guild Chief Woo Jin-Chul, after he single-handedly blocked the C-Rank Gate. The Chief was even more shocked when Sung talked about the existence double dungeon.

A new S-Rank gate has appeared in Maryland.

Meanwhile, 31 giants appeared in Japan from the dungeon and began destroying the country. Japan ask other countries to help them defeat the giants but all of the countries rejects to help. Yuri Orlove is drinking in the middle of a battle so that he wouldn’t feel nervous afterwards. He also wants the help of the man, Jin-Soo, who singlehandedly cleared the S-Rank gate.

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The previous chapters and new chapter are available to read online, but we recommend to read the manhwa through official sources. Reading the contents from official sources would aid the creators to work and bring many more chapters in the near future.

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