Hailee Steinfeld seen with Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye Series’ Set. Read To Know More!

Hawkeye is an upcoming Marvel’s and Disney+ American series by Johnathon Igla. This series is the next part of Avengers Endgame. It is estimated to be released in late 2021 and was rumoured to have only six to eight episodes.

An year ago, in an interview, Hailee Steinfeld was asked about the rumours of her role in the upcoming Marvel’s and Disney+ series and her reply was obviously predictable, she was neutral and remained quiet. But then her co- actor Jeremy Renner confirmed it and now they are seen together on Hawkeye series’ set in New York. Scroll down to know more.

Hailee Steinfeld seen with Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye Series' set

Hailee Steinfeld will be playing the role of comic character Kate Bishop opposite Jeremy Renner who will be Client Barton. The pictures of the two getting viral confirmed the stars of Hawkeye series. This car out to be a great news for Marvel fans wh were eagerly waiting for something new and exciting.

Hailee Steinfeld seen with Jeremy Renner

The photographs are stunning and both the stars are looking superheroes in their amazing outfit. We can get a clue from their outfit that how thrilling and dynamic the series could be. In the above picture you can see Hailee carrying bow and arrows which give us a quick glimpse of her strong character.

Hailee Steinfeld seen with Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye Series' set

The purple outfit of hers and the picture showing her how she is getting ready with the stunts men gives a small view of heavy action.

Hailee Steinfeld seen with Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye Series' set

In this third snap, Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld are spoted with the Pizza dog which means the Pizza dog could be a part of the series as well. Photographs and certain tweets on twitter by the stars are enough to make the fans happy and get excited for the shoot to get over and series to be released.

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