The Expanse Season 5 Episode 4; Who Will Be The Expanse’s Alexander the Great, Release Date and Spoilers

Amazon Prime Video revived the science-fiction series, The Expanse after the show was cancelled after three seasons by Syfy. After successfully streaming the fourth season of the show in 2019, Amazon Prime Video renewed the series for the fifth season also in 2019. The streaming platform premiered the first three episodes on December 15, 2020, and planned to release remaining seven episodes every Wednesday.

Amazon Prime Video will stream the 10-episode fifth season until February 3, 2021. The fourth episode of the season, titled Gaugamela¬†will release on this Wednesday, 23 December. Prime Video will drop the upcoming episode at 00:01 a.m. PT on Wednesday. The episode will be available worldwide at the same time depending on the time zone of a different country. Amazon Prime Video hasn’t shared the official synopsis of the episode, but we can assume things or two that will happen in Gaugamela.

The Expanse Season 5 Episode 4: Preview

Based on the episode’s title, we can assume that the episode draws inspiration from the historical Battle of Gaugamela. Alexander the Great fought in the battle against the Persian Empire, which resulted in Alexander the Great invading the Persian Achaemenid Empire.

The previous episode ended after one of Inaros’ asteroids collided with the Earth. The Earth is now in bad shape, far more than anticipated by Avasarala. Marco also has something wicked plan upon his sleeve, with which he intends to cause chaos on a global level. The upcoming episode will also reveal the fate at Pallas Station. Felip, Karal, and Cyn ambushes Naomi in the station and looks a real threat to her as Felip yields an electric shock gun.

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In the previous episode, Camina discovered a recording, in which Inaros planning to attack target greater than Tycho or Ceres. Later, she sent the recording to Fred so that the Belters could be helped. Alex revealed that he wanted to learn the details about weapon trafficking to the attackers who drugged him. However, the attackers couldn’t kill Alex as Bobbie enters the room and overpowers them.

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