Snowfall Season 4 Release Date CONFIRMED: Franklin’s Business Resumes on February 24, But Will He SURVIVE?

The popular American crime-drama Snowfall has finally got an official release date for the fourth season. Damson Idris starrer crime-drama received the fourth season renewal back in 2019. The creators previously planned to premiere the show in 2020, but couldn’t due to the coronavirus pandemic. FX, the original network that aired the previous seasons of Snowfall, announced the return of Snowfall on Thursday.

Snowfall will reportedly start airing on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, on FX and will stream the next day on Hulu. The upcoming 10-episode fourth season will air the first two episodes on premiere night at 10 p.m. ET. The other eight episodes will air and stream accordingly every week starting from that date. Snowfall’s fourth season will pick up from the third season finale and reveal the fate of Franklin Saint.

In Season 3 Episode 10, we saw Melody Wright shooting the man, whom she once loved
— Franklin Saint. The episode didn’t reveal whether the main character of the show survived or not. But fans pretty easily figured that he had survived following FX’s decision to renew the show. However, one question certainly pops up — How? The first thing the upcoming season will reveal is how Franklin managed to survive. If Franklin is in deathbed, what happened to the business is another question left to answer.

But business is booming in Season 4!

The series takes place during the infamous crack epidemic in the United States. Ronald Reagan has won his re-election and proclaimed that it is morning again in the US. Meanwhile, the addiction to cocaine is rising in South Central Los Angeles and the gang, led by Franklin is enjoying the rise in their business. While enjoying the business growth, they are also realising that the drug has been hurting to the people and community they hold dear.

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In the same time, the government has recognised the damage due to the growing epidemic. The LAPD has now become dedicated to the wars on drugs as they are spending serious resources to control the epidemic. Dave Andron will serve as the showrunner for the fourth season of Snowfall.

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