Post Malone Net Worth 2021: Assets, Lifestyle and Personal Life

The debut of his single White Iverson is what got Post Malone to the top! Austin Richard Post a.k.a Post Malone began his musical career by releasing songs on SoundCloud. He had potential from then to make it big in the industry, with his songs having hundreds of plays. He also got recognition from other notable artists during his time spent on the platform. And in this article, we’ll talk about Post Malone Net Worth 2021, His Wealth, Earnings, and Assets.

Today, he is one of the biggest artists in the music industry dabbling with genres of hip-hop, rap, pop, R&B, and so on. For his proficiency in the field, his singles have been put on multiple top 100 lists. He currently owns multiple awards from the Billboards, American Music Awards, and iHeartRadio.

Being such an important figure in the industry, let’s delve into the star’s net worth, lifestyle, and personal life!

Post Malone Net Worth 2021

Post Malone Net Worth 2021: Assets, Lifestyle and Personal Life

Post Malone Net Worth 2021 is worth $65 million. Some sources suggest it only amounts to $30 million. Of course, being a musical influencer means traveling around the world with tours! Musical artists earn a majority of their income just from one concert. In Post Malone’s world, this means making about $500,000 for every performance.

Other sources of income come from sponsorships with Doritos, Budweiser, and Crocs. He even has a flavor of his own chips called Post Limon.

According to his loyal fan following on Youtube, the income generated is estimated to be at $78,000/ month. In addition to this, his streams and albums bring sales of up to $22.8 million. In 2019, Malone got the title of the most-streamed artist on Spotify.

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Post Malone owns a $3 million worth mansion in Cottonwoods Height in Utah. The property is supposedly at 12,703 square feet on a 6.5-acre land. There’s everything that one could ever imagine from a recording studio to a basketball court. Prior to this property, he resided in Beverly Hills that is currently on the market for sale at $26 million.


Malone owns a Bugatti Chiron worth $3 million. Along with this, he owns a Rolls Royce Wraith and Phantom, collectively worth $800k. His Wraith was put up for auction at $100k.

Post Malone Net Worth 2021: Assets, Lifestyle and Personal Life

Personal Life

Post Malone is honest about his personal life and often hides nothing. As for his girlfriend, he dated Ashlen Diaz but the relationship ended in November 2018. He possesses a unique style, well-known for his tattoos. It’s hard to miss it when it is right on his face! Like any other Celebrity, Malone is enjoying his fame and success with extraordinary mansions, cars, and overall lifestyle. Apparently, the star has spent over $40,000 from ordering from Post Mates!

Post Malone Net Worth 2021 Update

Hold your horses tight as Post Malone has announced that he’s bringing us a surprise on our plates in 2021. His manager confirms that fans will receive something special and that Malone will make big moves. What more do we need from our favorite singer. Post says he wants to uplift people during this pandemic when people are feeling lonely in an interview. He wants to make something beautiful in this time of darkness. His contemporary look where he cut his hair shorter and revealed a skull tattoo took us by surprise, and his fans couldn’t love him any less.

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