Dr. Stone Season 2: STONE WARS Official Trailer 2 Out: Watch Here, January 2021 Release Date & Plot Synopsis

Senku, the 18-year-old genius, and his allies from the Ishigami village are preparing for a war against the powerful Tsukasa Shishio, when the popular anime television series, Dr Stone returns for the second season next year. TMS Entertainment officially dropped the trailer for Dr Stone Season 2 and seemingly confirmed the release date. The second season will premiere in Japan on January 14, 2021, and will stream internationally in Crunchyroll.

Dr Stone Season 1 Storyline

Dr Stone is one of the popular and successful anime television series of 2019, which quickly gained viewers’ praise. The story follows in a post-apocalyptic world, where the worlds’ population have been mysteriously petrified. A young 18-year-old genius scientist, Senku wakes up after 3,700 years of certification. Senku then studies the new strange world around him and decides to save humanity and restore civilization. He initially de-petrifies his best friend, Taiju and then works on a formula to de-petrify rest of the human as well.

When wild animals chase them, they had no other choice but to de-petrify the powerful MMA fighter, Tsukasa Shishio in order to protect them. Tsukasa joins and helps Senku with his study to de-petrify humans, and soon after de-petrifies their childhood friend and Taiju’s love interest. Yuzuriha. However, a disagreement in opinion results in Senku experience near-death situation at the hands of Tsukasa. Senku wants to de-petrify all of humanity and restore civilization, but Tsukasa opposes claiming that the corrupted and greedy adults shouldn’t live in the free world.

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Tsukasa forces Senku to reveal the formula to de-petrify people before giving him a death blow. However, Senku recovers from the brutal incident and sets on a journey to form the Kingdom of Science. Meanwhile, Tsukasa de-petrifies young people and forms the Empire of Might based on power. Senku asks his friends, Taiju and Yuziraha to infiltrate the Empire of Might to keep a tab on Tsukasa’s movement. Later, Senku discovers a village and plans to create his kingdom from the village by saving the village’s princess with modern medicine. The villagers also understand the benefits of science and join Senku.

Dr Stone Season 2 Plot Synopsis

However, Tsukasa soon discovers that Senku is actually alive and plans to attack the Ishigami Village. He revived a notorious Hyoga, who can take on 10 attackers at once. The upcoming season, Dr Stone: Stone Wars, will feature the battle between Empire of Might and Kingdom of Science. Taiju and Yuzuriha, who infiltrated the Empire of Might, will join forces with Senku and the village of Ishigami to fight against Hyoga and Tsukasa. The second season will focus on the Stone Wars arc from Riichiro Inagaki’s manga series, which released in 2018

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