Apple’s Powerful Processor M1X Gets Successor As New MAC Processor Launch Is Confirmed By 2021

The excitement is visible for the new processer from Apple named M1X by the tech guys on the net. With the amazing performance with M1, which was hard to better, but always Apple has outdone itself with the new processor.

The processor

There are rumors of the speed, agility, and performance of the M1X which will be a 12-core processor with eight performance cores and four power-efficiency cores driving all the power.  The current Apple M1 chip has an octa-core CPU with four performance cores and four power-efficiency cores.

There is a possibility that the M1X will come along with the 24-inch iMac and a redesigned Magic Mouse that may launch in March 2021. There is a possibility that Apple will keep M1 and M1X alongside one another, rather than discontinuing the previous model.

Apple's powerful processorM1 gets successor as New MAC processor launch is confirmed by 2021

These chips are based on the same technology as the A-series iPhone and iPad processors with some important modifications for the Mac. Apple Silicon will bring about a change in all the Apple laptops and desktops in the coming years.

The Intel

So far Apple has a line of Intel processors which are the Core i5, the Core i7, and the Core i9 families at a different price point than M1. Now with the launch of M1X confirmed we can expect Apple to launch Apple MacBook Pro 16 or the iMac line with its very own new M1X processors.  The flagship MacBook should ideally be launched with the new processor. Next in line to switch from Intel to M1X are the Apple iMacs.

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Apple has always said there will be more Intel-powered Mac computing devices to come. How does this happen will be a story for another time? Even though performance-wise the Apple processors are way better. these are definitely exciting times for the Apple MacBook lovers.

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