Sony PS6 Release Date: Specs, PlayStation 6 Expected Price & Features

After the Sony PS5 release in some locations and shortly will be out by next year, Gamers are thrilled about the next model-Sony PS6 that may at least carries six to seven years to result and will need time to heighten the hardcore with the best components which every gamer expecting.

Sony PS6 Release Date

According to the prior release of Sony PS models, we all know that it takes years to come up as the brand appears with its best technology, so Sony PS6 could be foreseen in the next few years of 2026 or 2027 where they are having tons of plans regarding the making of its forthcoming consoles. 

Sony spoke about the trademarks for its upcoming consoles- PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10. Sony will never fail us from wanting high expectations as it always evolves with the best software and hardware to the gamers. 

Sony PS Features


  • Camera: The most wanting specification we could have in PS6 is camera alternatives where you can sight the pictures on the screen from anywhere and anytime in the world. 
  • Motion Controllers: This feature pleases many gamers where you can experience reality in the virtual world and enjoy the gameplay just right on your seat.
  • HDMI: As Sony is named for its best video and audio quality so without any doubt we can see many more extraordinary features on Sony PS6’s GPU. 

Sony PS6 Expected Price

The previous PS5 cost around 500 dollars and we can expect the prices for Sony PS6 will be high than the other console gaming.

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Still, it is unthinkable to predict such a brand product’s price that is occurring in the next six to seven years, where Sony is competitive and has promising terms in the gaming industry console, but we speculate that the price of Sony PS6 will be 600 dollars.

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