Apple Glasses Release Date, Specs, Features and Expected Price

Good news for technology lovers and especially for Apple lovers. After the release of the iPhone SE in April, one of the most affordable phones in Apple history, and also after the launch of the whole series of iPhone 12 phones in the recent month, Apple is ready again. This time Apple is going to shake the whole world and will make headlines with one of the most advanced gadgets ever made in human history.

This new product of Apple will give everyone Goosebumps as it is so advanced and good. Apple’s new gadget is the best glasses that are ever made in human history that also the most advanced ones. Yes, you heard it right now it is the time for the “Apple Glasses”.

In this article, you will know a lot of information related to the new gadget.

Release Date

Have you ever wondered how are we able to know every single thing about the phone and gadgets before they are released? Thanks to the leakers and it happens because of them. When it comes to leaking things related to Apple we all know about “Jon Prosser”. He is a devoted leaker of who is always eager to leak every information about Apple. He can tell so much able the Apple products because of his connections which are spread not only in the whole company but also in the supply chain.

He was the one who told everything related to iPhone SE before it was released. And now he has done it again as he predicted the release date of the new Apple product “Apple Glasses” According to his tweet the glasses are set to hit the market next year in between March and June.  “I can’t believe I’m going against Kuo on this one….but I believe he’s wrong. Apple Glasses are aimed for March-June 2021. Also.

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Apple Glasses Release Date, Specs, Features and Expected Price

I’ve seen them. They’re sleek as hell. Will be showing you soon”, he said through his Twitter account. He said this because he went against the decision of TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who predicted that these Glasses won’t be able to ready for shipping 2022.

Bloomberg predicted that Apple Glass is coming out in 2023.

Expected price

It was revealed by the Apple leaker Jon Prosser in the YouTube video that these glasses will be available for the purchase at $499 and also an additional cost for prescription lenses.


– According to Prosser glasses will work with the help of an iPhone and without that it probably won’t work. And well according to Bloomberg when both of your glasses and phone will be in touch you will be able to see things through your smart glasses that you used to watch through phone. This includes videos, text, emails, maps and many more things.

– Prosser also told that this eye-wear won’t carry any camera due to privacy concerns and it will also have Li-DAR sensor on the right temple.

– You will be able to see things more clearly as you will get a wider range because you can see information on both the glasses of this new gadget.

– It is said that Apple will be using a user interface called “starboard”. The action on the glasses will control the UI in the glasses and also by air gestures.

– It is also said that only the person who is wearing the eye-wear will be able to see whatever the glasses are showing and other than not a single person can see it.



– As per the predictions we can say that these smart glasses will have some things similar to Hololens 2.

Field view -52 degrees

Resolution- 47 PPI

– It is expected that it can have wireless charging like in the latest iPhone 12 series and it can have a battery life of 3 hours.

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