Jake Paul Challenges Conor Mcgregor, Says He’ll KNOCK OUT Conor after Win against Nate Robinson

YouTube star Jake Paul claims that he can knock out Conor McGregor after defeating former NBA star Nate Robinson. Paul fought Robinson on the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr undercard on Sunday in Los Angeles. The 23-year-old achieved his victory after knocking out Robinson with a brutal right hook in the second round. Now, the YouTube personality claims that he is taking his boxing career seriously, and he will kick off by challenging McGregor.

This was Paul’s second professional boxing match and he gained another knockout win. He fought YouTuber AnEsonGib back in January on his boxing debut and knocked him out in the first round. Nate Robinson retired from the NBA two years ago, where he played for teams like Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, and New York Knicks. Robinson is also there time slam dunk champion and the first player to do so.

The 36-year-old initially charged at Paul in the first round, but shortly after he struggled to land a solid blow. Paul clipped a punch by his ear and he fell down on the floor. In the second round, Paul floored Robinson face-first on the canvas with right hook and ended the bout. The knockdown was heavy in Robinson’s perspective as he remained on the floor until medical arrived.

Jake Paul says he will knock out both Conor McGregor and Dillon Danis

Following the victory, Paul didn’t hold back and mentioned that he will take boxing seriously. He also listed the potential opponents he would like to fight in the coming future. Paul mentioned that he wants to fight KSI, who hammered Paul’s brother last year. The duo has frequently linked for a boxing match, but KSI reported that he would only fight if he gets the desirable amount of money.

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Paul mentioned his brother, Austin McBroom, and Dillon Danis as a potential future opponent. But, what surprising was that he named UFC superstar Connor McGregor in the list. He told BT Sport that he would easily knock out the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion.

McGregor, who is currently enjoying his retirement hasn’t responded yet. He has spent most of his career as a mixed martial arts fighter. The 32-year-old had a debut boxing match where he lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr. It would be insane if McGregor gets provoked by this and return to the boxing ring for a face-off against bullish Paul.

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