OnePlus Details 7 Crowdsourced Features It Is Bringing to OxygenOS. Know All The Updates Right Here !

OnePlus is refreshing its OxygenOS with a rundown of new highlights publicly supported from clients through its IDEAS 2.0 stage. The rundown of new highlights incorporates a casing for each second (FPS) counter, separate volume controls for media substance and warnings, lockscreen customisations, remote document move among PC and telephone, and the capacity to keep some battery hold. OnePlus got in excess of 7,300 proposals from its more than 5,400 dynamic network individuals in three particular rounds of the IDEAS 2.0 that was dispatched in September.

Of the complete recommendations it got, OnePlus has chosen upwards of seven thoughts that it will bring to future OxygenOS refreshes.


The principal new element high up on OnePlus clients’ list of things to get is a FPS counter in Game Space. This will let clients take a gander at the casing rate at which a game is running on the telephone. OnePlus said that it had been chipping away at the FPS counter for quite a while and would have the option to prepare it in a future framework update.

Notwithstanding the FPS counter, OnePlus is receiving a client demand on bringing separate volume level controls for each application, like Samsung’s One UI. The organization noticed that it would at first separate volume controls for media and warnings. The new contribution is anticipated one year from now.

OnePlus has additionally consented to bring to the table lockscreen customisations. “We’ve been chipping away at the chance of modifying parts like AOD and the lockscreen. As this is a vital piece of the entire OS plan, it takes more time to get it executed,” the organization said.

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Another client recommendation got through IDEAS 2.0 that OnePlus is taking up is remote record move uphold from PC to telephone and the other way around. The organization said that it had been dealing with answers for improve the client experience of document move between OnePlus telephones and PCs for quite a while.

OnePlus is likewise bringing an element like Power Diet that would permit clients to keep some battery life available for later for situations where charging the telephone is unimaginable. Furthermore, the organization is streamlining dull mode with choices, for example, upgraded, more fragile, and gentler dim mode. It has likewise chosen to carry an element to empower fractional screen captures on OxygenOS.

Albeit OnePlus hasn’t gave any solid timetables to the new highlights, some of them are probably going to be accessible through OxygenOS refreshes at some point one year from now.

Other remarkable proposals OnePlus got during the IDEAS 2.0 incorporate a work area mode, opening punch camera warning cautions, and unique mark customization’s. These, notwithstanding, aren’t being considered for execution at this moment.

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