Player Found a Bug in Fifa 21 Making Players Jump like Mario

The 28th instalment of the FIFA series, FIFA 21 was released earlier this month by the EA. It is common to have bugs, glitches, and catches in video games. And a few players found out a pretty interesting and funny catch in the FIFA 21 video game.

This bug lets the players jump into the air similar to the Nintendo’s Super Mario.

The Mario-like leap in the game 

Since the launch of the game, many players have noticed this hilarious glitch and started posting clips of it on social media.

However, we do not know how to spark this bug right now. Some speculations tell that maybe pressing a combination of buttons might trigger the super leap action.

We are yet to hear from EA sports regarding the bug. We will get the official news about the bug soon from the company, since this is a common glitch that everyone spotted.

Despite the bugs that are being uncovered in the FIFA 21, it is still a popular game among many gaming enthusiasts. However, it appears that it does not have as large a fan base as its predecessors.

Just after the release of the game, it received a lot of criticism. Many of them are centered around the absence of new features in the game and also in-game changes.

More glitches in the game

Apart from the Mario jump bug, the players around the world have reported other glitches too. The one where the ball gets stuck on the crossbar of the goal and the keeper and the player try to get it out in panic is one such instance. Just the view of everyone scuttling around the penalty area of the field is simply hilarious.

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There are some not-so-fun glitches in the game. One such example is: the referee keeps blowing the whistle at impossible times like in the midst of a successful shot.

So such bugs may lead to annoyance among the fans and may lead to the loss of impression. So let us hope that the company fixes all the glitches and bugs as soon as possible. However, I do not think players do not mind if that Mario glitch stays on, it is truly hilarious.

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