Right From James Bond To Wolverine: Tom Hardy Can Do It All!

Over the years Tom hardy has become America’s most sought-after actors.  While he’s certainly had an amazing career, Hardy has also faced a number of problems in his private life—including struggling with substance abuse, encountering psychotic criminals, and throwing down with out-of-control costars. The British superstar leads a truly unusual life.

 Tom hardy has surely done some memorable iconic roles, right from James Bond to Wolverine, we have seen it all. On Sept. 19, rumors began to circulate that Tom Hardy may be cast to replace Craig as the next James Bond. Originating from an unconfirmed report by The Vulcan Reporter, Hardy’s name quickly became a trending topic as fans discussed the possibility. Even though fans are still waiting for proof that Hardy has been cast as the next Bond, there’s no denying that Hardy would be great for the role; he’s a supremely talented actor that’s delivered some amazing performances in a bevy of great films.

Tom Hardy is one of those actors who has the believability to play someone that fans will gravitate towards and love in one role, yet in the next, he can play a crazed character that people are supposed to hate. Despite him being a genuinely nice person in real life, he is able to make the transition with ease thanks to his talent. This is something he has done throughout his career, playing some truly despicable characters, as well as some genuine heroes.

With his skills, talent, and diverse acting abilities, we believe that he can do it all.

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