Storage Wars is without the shadow of a doubt one of the most popular reality TV shows in the world. The show features professional buyers bidding on storage lockers after a short look at them. There is a risk attached to every locker. They sometimes bring treasure and glory while other times they are just worthless trash. This exciting nature of the show makes it one of the most addictive shows to watch. The show has aired on for a total of 12 seasons. Brandi and Jarrod had been regular members of the Storage Wars cast for several seasons. A lot of people have been speculating about their relationship status for a long time. If you questioned this too, read below. Here’s the latest update about Brandi and Jarrod.

Jarrod and Brandi Still together?

Brandi Passante had featured on a Facebook live interview on The Dad Diary earlier this year. In the interview, Brandi addressed the whole Jarrod and Brandi together scenario. In the interview, Brandi shared that she parted ways with Jarrod two years ago. Fans had been wondering whether they were still together. This news of them separating came as a surprise for all the fans of Jarrod and Brandi as well as for fans of the TV series.

Jarrod from Storage Wars

She shared that she is now living her life as a single mother. She had been giving her time to the kids. The audience was curious if are they divorced or not. A report by TV Show Ace mentions that the couple was never married and were only partners. Some hardcore fans of the show might already know this. The report further added that Brandi is not interested in pursuing a relationship. But Jarod was recently dating Rochel Beckman.

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Brandi from Storage Wars

Brandi Passante has revealed that her social media does not display everything about her life. Furthermore, she said that her kids have asked her to not include them on her social media and they want to stay away from the public eye. Brandi Passante also tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this year.

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